Happy Moms Consignment

Happy Moms Consignment Sale provides a service to local families, by setting up seasonal sales for their gently-loved children's items. In order to cash in on their children's items that they no longer need, our sellers pay a 35% commission in return for using the Happy Moms service.

While providing a service for the selling of the seller's items, we understand that we are simply partnering together with the sellers to offer the best events possible. Therefore, each seller has the option of contributing time and energy in order to accumulate equity in their individual partnership by helping improve the sale to sell more of their own items, thus paying a smaller commission and keeping more profit!

The time periods are set up in 3-hour increments, and for each 3-hour period a seller partners with us, the equity and benefits increase as follows:

How It Works


Partner one 3-Hour period and receive the following on top of the base level:

  • You pay us 3% less commission on your first $1500 in sales.
  • Free ticket ($20 Value) to the Smiling Team Presale. (Click here for dates & times)
  • An additional Disney Point!

*In order to receive any of the following incentives for partnering  2 or 3 shifts, at least one shift must be a drop-off shift, a re-sort/Pickup shift, OR another shift specifically requested by Happy Moms. In order to receive the incentives of partnering 4 or more shifts, at least two shifts must be drop-off shifts, re-sort/pick-up shifts, or other shifts specifically requested by Happy Moms.*

Partner two (non-overlapping) 3-Hour shifts and receive the following:

  • Pay us 5% less commission than the base rate (35%) on your first $1500 in sales!
  • Free ticket ($30 Value) to the Happy Team Presale. (Click here for dates & times)
  • an additional Disney Point!

Partner three (non-overlapping) 3-hour shifts and receive the following: 

  • Free ticket ($40 value) to the Happier Team Presale. (Click here for dates & times) 
  • 5 Additional Disney Points!

Partner four (non-overlapping) 3-hour shifts and receive the following:

  • Pay us 10% less commission than the base rate (35%) of your first $1500 in sales
  • Free ticket ($50 Value) to the Happiest Team Presale. (Click here for dates & times)
  • +5 additional Disney Points

Partner five or more (non-overlapping) 3-hour periods and receive the following:

  • Free ticket ($60 Value) to the Ecstatic Team Member Presale. (Click here for dates & times)
  • 5 additional Disney Points per 3-hour period.



Anyone that signs up to partner a period, shops with a free team ticket at a presale, and then does notfulfill the designated period(s) (or a period in its place) will earn only 50% of his/her sales and will not be allowed to partner periods at future Happy Mom events. In order for us to continue to charge such small commissions and have items AND checks ready so soon after the event, we must be able to depend on individuals fulfilling the periods to which they have committed. Thank you for understanding!

*Please note that Happy Moms can reward certain marketing/advertising campaigns as partner periods, and reserves the right to consider certain specific periods, filled by Happy Moms request only, to count as more than one period.


*For the Greensboro sale, there is a $10 consignor fee that will be deducted from the consignor check. Anyone selling more than $250 AND 70% of their activated items, OR partnering 2 3-hour periods will have the fee waived!

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