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About Us

Hi! My name is Allison Key. I am a Christian wife and home-school and stay-at-home mom. Nine years ago, as a brand new mom, I transitioned from being a full-time teacher to becoming a part-time tutor. My husband, Daniel and I soon realized that providing quality items for our children, while a top priority, can also be very expensive! It was at that point in our lives that we also realized there needed to be another option to continually buying the nicest and newest items for my new baby boy! Sometime during this time period, a friend introduced me to consignment sales and I was hooked!

During my own childhood, I had seen how disheartening it was for my mom to spend hundreds of dollars on me and my sister's clothes while we were growing up, only to turn around and sell them at a yard sale for a fraction of what she had paid for them not too long before. A consignment sale seemed to be a great way to afford nice items and also be able to sell my baby's gently used clothing and baby gear for a reasonable price! Everyone seemed to win!

As I consigned, worked, and shopped at these sales, I would find myself thinking of ways I would do things differently in order to make the sales even more profitable and rewarding for moms like myself. Finally, six years and two children later, and with the help of Daniel, I am so excited I was able to begin something that will meet the needs of my community. I want to be able to give families the opportunity to affordably clothe their children in addition to blessing them with nice equipment and toys by selling and shopping at Happy Moms!

I am thankful that God gave me a vision to begin this sale and I pray that Happy Moms will be a reflection of His love as we have committed to giving over 10% of our profits to Christian Organizations. Thank you for visiting our site! We sincerely appreciate each and everyone who participates in this sale and invite you to join us by selling, shopping, serving, and sharing!

Thank you,