Happy Moms Consignment

What Can I Sell?


Happy Moms accepts just about anything related to babies and kids!


Accepted items:

*Please read this entire page. Also, please note that our Fall/Winter Sales are the sales that take place in  August, or September. Our Spring/Summer Sales are the sales that take place in February, March, or April

Remember!! - Junior Girls, Women's & Men's Clothing SIzes must be labeled LETTER Sizes- XS,S,M, etc. & Kid's Clothing must be labled NUMBER Sizes- 6, 7, 8, 10, etc. -  This will be enforced and need to be correct before accepted at drop-offs. 


Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

  • All clothing must be in great condition. Clothing with stains, holes, rips, missing buttons, or dysfunctional zippers will not be accepted. Gently worn clothing in sizes newborn through size 18 girls & boys will be accepted. 
    Infant Clothing: Due to the large amounts of new baby clothing mommas and dads receive for their little ones, you may only consign 25 items per SIZE AND GENDER of sizes 12mo and smaller. There is no limit to clothing size 18mo and larger. Outfits with 2 or more pieces will be accepted as 1 item. Multiple outfits can be grouped as one item as long as they are priced as a set with 1 corresponding tag.
  • Beginning in Spring '24 at SEAGROVE AND GREENSBORO Sales, sellers may sell a maximum of 25 SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE items in each of the following clothing categories (or 50 total): current style Junior Girls clothing, current style Adult Women clothing, current style Adult Men clothing. Items that are New With Tag do not count toward the 25/50 item limits. You may also sell up to 10 additional like New or New Home Goods (NOT Home decor unless kid themed). Items that are new with their tag do not count toward a 10 item limit. Sellers may also sell non-kid furniture if it is new in the box. In our Fall/Winter Sales, you may sell Christmas Decor. 
  • All clothing must be seasonally appropriate depending on the sale. We will accept shirts (short & long), jeans, khakis & dress pants at spring AND fall sales. However, regarding long-sleeved shirts at our Spring/Summer sale and short-sleeved shirts at our Fall/Winter sale you may only enter a maximum of 10 items for each of your children. You can pair/group multiple shirts under the same item number as long as you follow the correct hanging instructions on our tagging page and as shown here. We apologize for any inconvenience but we want to make sure our sale has a high majority of seasonal appropriate items.
  • Maternity clothing of all seasons, in great condition, and of current style will be accepted regardless of the sale.
  • Shoes in great condition in any size. Shoes must be Like New or Gently Used Condition. SLIPPERS MUST BE NEW TO BE ACCEPTED!
  • Clothing Accessories: Hair bows, hats, belts, and ties.
  • Seasonal Items: Sports Gear, Rain Coats/Boots, Dance Attire Accepted at both sales.
    • Items ONLY Accepted At Fall/Winter Sales: Halloween Costumes, Christmas Outfits, Snow bibs, Mittens, Gloves, Heavy jackets, Winter Coats, Winter Boots, Winter Pants, and any Fleece clothing/PJs, wool clothing, sweater material clothing, or Corduroy clothing.
    • Items ONLY Accepted at Spring/Summer Sales: Easter outfits/Dresses, Swim Trunks and Swim Gear, Shorts. Tanktops, Flip Flops. Sandals


Baby Equipment & Furniture

  • Baby equipment: Strollers, joggers, car seats, pack-n-plays, baby swings, jumperoos, walkers, high-chairs, booster seats, bouncy seats, exer-saucers.
  • Child furniture: Cribs, toddler beds, mattresses, changing tables, bassinets, rockers/gliders, toy boxes, bookshelves, other children's furniture.
  • For all equipment, please check your item for recalls by visiting the Consumer Protection Safety Commission's website and simply choose the appropriate item category. You can also use our search tool on our Product Safety and Recall page.
  • All carseats must not be expired and can not have been in a wreck or missing straps.
  • All equipment should have manufacturer's sticker somewhere on item in a location that is clearly visible and legible.


Nursing & Feeding

  • Feeding: bottles, sippy cups, bottle warmers, pacifiers, toddler silverware, burp cloths, factory-sealed formula.
  • Nursing: breast pumps, boppys, nursing pillows.


Children's Bedding & Room Décor


  • Bedding: blankets, crib sheets, twin, double, and full-sized sheets, bumper pads (breathable only), receiving blankets, pillow cases. (Must be baby/kid print/themed)
    No Pillow Pets accepted unless Pillow Pet Dream Lite (night light)
  • Room décor: rugs, drapes, lamps, picture frames, wall art/pictures, shelving. (All decor must be kid themed!)


Baby Accessories

  • Nursery needs: Infant bath tubs and seats, disinfected diaper pails and refills, EXTREMELY CLEAN potty chairs, towels and washcloths, wipe warmers, diapers, diaper bags, step stools, slings and carriers, changing pads, blankets.
  • Safety: baby monitors, baby gates, bed rails, head and body wedges/supports, safety gadgets.


Toys, Books & Media

  • Toys: Nearly all toys are accepted except stuffed animals. Stuffed animals must be themed (Disney, Dora, Elmo, etc) in order to be accepted. Toys must have all parts and include batteries so shoppers can demo. (Dollar Tree has battery packs for $1) 
  • Books: Gently-used infant, children, childbirth, nursing and parenting. All books must have a cover and have no MISSING pages. All books with sound must be working with batteries included.
  • Media: DVD (Rated G or PG Only) NO VHS Allowed.
  • Music CDs  No Cassette Tapes Allowed.
  • Games: Board games, puzzles, electronic and learning games such as Leapster, VTech, etc  Please make sure all game & puzzle pieces are included and all electronics are in working condition.
  • Large Indoor and Outdoor Toys
  • Sports Gear
  • Computer and Video Games: NO violent or mature content accepted.



Items Not Accepted:

  • Any item that is outdated, stained, missing parts, or broken.
  • Clothing with endorsements of local churches, camps, or youth sports teams.
  • Underwear that is not brand new and in original packaging.
  • Non-themed stuffed animals including Pillow Pets (Unless Pillow Pet Night Light)
  • Puzzles with MISSING pieces.
  • Non-juvenile literature unless PREGNANCY/PARENTING/NURSING
  • Coloring books with TORN or COLORED-ON pages.
  • Train Tables
  • Items that are not properly tagged. (See Tagging Items)
  • Dirty, smelly, and/or outdated clothing
  • Toys that do not work or do not have batteries included.
  • Junior & Non-maternity Adult clothing
  • RECALLED items.
    **It is illegal to sell a recalled item. Please visit our Product Safety and Recall page for more information**

  • Car seats that have expired.
  • Bumbo Seats without Straps (Bumbo will send strap kits free of charge)
  • Drop Side Crib
  • Jewelry
  • Bagged Clothing will not be accepted at Seagrove location.





Let's all work together to provide great items for our




If you have any questions regarding this list or have

an item that you would like to sell but is not

mentioned above, please contact us!