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Asheboro Sale coming in 2018!

We are so excited to announce that we are planning a Spring/Summer 2018 sale to be held in Asheboro! My name is Allison Baynes Key and I was born and raised in Randolph County. I grew up in Randleman and went to school at Fayetteville Street Christian School. Some of my first consignment experiences took place at the Happily Ever After sale in Randleman! We started Happy Moms with a Greensboro location in Fall 2014 and were blessed to be voted the best among over 20 different sales in Greensboro in 2015 and 2016 (which included High Point as well)! We do not have the specific dates or location yet but wanted to let you know our plans so you can help us spread the word.

Our philosophy is that this is YOUR sale! In Greensboro, we have hundreds of moms that make hundreds of dollars selling their children's high quality items at each of our seasonal sales. They also have the opportunity to shop the items the other moms are consigning. A mom's ability to basically exchange her kids' past items for their next items at a fraction of retail cost is something very valuable in the community. We look forward to helping fill this need and hopefully meeting you early next year. Until then, here's a couple things you can get excited about:

*We have an online tagging system that consignors LOVE! We strive to get feedback, both negative and positive, from moms that have partnered with us, and among the many things that make our moms "happy", the most often mentioned is the quick and easy tagging system we use. Just for an example, we had a new consignor use voice mode to enter over 200 items in one hour!

*We operate with complete integrity in everything we do. One of the great things about our system is that it is very transparent. You will be able to see what items you have sold...BEFORE the sale is complete!

*Our base percentage for moms that tag their own items is 65%. We offer perks that give you the chance to earn as much as 85%!!!

*We believe in giving back. We believe in loving everyone. We believe that whether you are consigning, shopping, or volunteering to help us out, our sale will make you really really happy.

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